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If you want to reach out and grow your business then you need professionals to help you save time and money. You need experts that know the game and how to cut through the incredible volume of marketing clutter out there.

A balanced Approach

Here at Lawford and Co we specialise in thinking practically. How do we achieve this for you? Simple, we listen. We learn about what makes you special so that your market communication grows your business.

Why Lawford and Co?

– Client Centric Approach

– ROI Focussed

– We Listen

Our Team

James Higgs Lawford and Co Marketing Level 3 52 Stuart Street Dunedin New Zealand 9054 034543035
James Higgs
Managing Director

James has a broad professional background, with experience in fields that include digital marketing, finance, operations management, learning and development, business management and the arts. To round this out he also has a first class honours degree in historical and critical study of religion (from a sociological and political perspective). His academic passion lies in exploring the thoughts and movements that shaped and influenced society throughout history.

In 2013, after recognising there was a severe lack of understanding and implementation of SEO and Google for business opportunities in Dunedin, James combined his interest in the mechanics of society with his career experience and founded Lawford and Co Marketing. He did so with a drive to practically understand people and markets, and deliver marketing solutions that drive measurable results. To get started, he engaged SEO as a core focus to his business, with a growing number of re-seller partners operating nationally and in Australia.

Outside of work, James is a singer, songwriter and drummer and has been playing live for over 20 years – both in bands and as an acoustic soloist. 2018 sees him release his first recordings (since becoming a dad) via an EP under the moniker ‘The Big Lawn’. Thinks he’s quite funny but in truth, isn’t. Often poorly attempts to chime in on banter in the office – usually with stories he has already told.

John-Molyneux-Lawford and Co MarketingGround Level -52-Stuart-Street-Dunedin-New-Zealand-9054-034543035
John Molyneux
Director + Consultant

With over 20 years as a senior manager, director and business owner, John provides Lawford and Co with a wealth of local and international business experience from the realms of Sales, Marketing and Operations. John has first-hand experiences within start-ups, small medium businesses and multinationals.

He is passionate realist who incorporates systems and tools to help Lawford and Co clients build their incomes whilst helping them create the right environment and values which lead to a sustainable and profitable future.
John encourages our customer base to take a fresh look at their business, helps them build complimentary incomes and works upon solving issues and problems that hinder the business. He does this with unending enthusiasm, positivity and business acumen. An ideas man who is unfortunately tied with a sense of humour that is rarely understood.

Gena Nicholl Lawford and Co Marketing 52 Stuart Street Dunedin New Zealand 9054 034543035
Gena Nicholl
Lead Developer

Gena is a coding wizard! With over 17 years of experience in web development (primarily PHP / Silverstripe), she has been at the cutting edge of the industry long enough to bring an incredible experience-based skill set and enormous depth of knowledge to Lawford and Co. Gena has the genuinely unique ability to not just code, but think logically about the impact her work has on both the client’s marketing functionality, design and core requirements. A CrossFit instructor with a contagious laugh and powerhouse work ethic, she is an awesome addition to the Lawford and Co team!

Mitch Sizemore
Marketing Consultant

Mitch is more multi-talented than a Leatherman pocketknife. From his humble and down to earth attitude, you wouldn’t guess that he is a top three seed Otago tennis player and lead guitarist for one of Dunedin’s most successful recent musical exports – The Hot Donnas!
As a marketer, Mitch is a certified Google Ads expert, Social Media guru and a knowledgeable strategist. He brings great balance to the team, not to mention a freshing up of our musical taste.
Mitch has a Bachelor of Arts, Majoring in History & Music.

From our Founder & Managing Director James Higgs

“I started Lawford and Co Marketing because I like helping people, and if we help people grow their businesses, then we’re helping improve their own personal circumstances as well. In my experience, I felt that SMEs were not getting the best and most practical marketing service and delivery from the industry. Specialist service providers were pushing businesses toward their often limited range of offerings, instead of providing a full range of services that required us – as marketers – to be intelligent about what strategies, messages and channels we chose to engage. We need to be able to step back and consider what is best for the growth of a customer’s business, not about how we can push spend toward the channels we know the best. 

My background in learning and development taught me how to listen to individual, team and business issues so that I could put training solutions into place. These solutions had to be easy to understand and cost effective to implement, otherwise they just wouldn’t get buy-in or follow through. I firmly believe it is the same for SMEs; they must have cost effective marketing strategies that do more than just look good; they should actually deliver real sales leads and purchases!

I love talking to businesses, finding out what makes them unique and helping them achieve their goals. Technology is great but it is definitely people that make businesses successful. I’m enjoying watching technological advances and the sharing of information bring people together; and for the businesses that genuinely care about their service and their clients, the internet is magnifying their message….and significantly for those that work at it.”

Jimmy has a broad background in Marketing, Organisational Strategy, Management, Learning & Development, Financial Services and Sales. Having spent over 10years in management roles in 4 different countries he knows what it takes to do business in both large corporations and small to medium enterprises (SMEs).


We love our clients, and value our relationships with them above all else. Here are real actual customer reviews.

James and the team at Lawford and Co are amazing. Right from the start they have been spot on. I am based in Brisbane, Australia and have never felt the distance. Their knowledge is fantastic, they really listen and work closely with me. I am so glad that Lawford and Co look after my web site, I can honestly say I’m one very happy customer.

Lawford and Co is a great company to deal with. They are able to explain easily the best way to market my business, especially dealing with internet marketing making these decisions much easier.

Thanks James and Lawford and Co for all your help and ideas in getting Recovery Room Physiotherapy off the ground. Your service was over and above our expectations.