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SEO Local & Website Consultants & Agency New Zealand & Australia, Lawford and Co Marketing Ground Level 52 Stuart Street, Dunedin 9016, 03 454 3035


Think of it this way; imagine your website is a fishing boat and the ocean is the internet. You’re trying to catch fish but you don’t have a net…

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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is how high you rank on Google or Bing when someone searches for a business, product or service in your industry.

Google themselves state that over 97% of people search for local businesses online. Would it make sense for your business to rank highly on the front page of Google?

Don’t forget that even when someone hears about you via word of mouth, they still need to find you – physically, by phone or email. Online – and most likely via Google – is where they’ll go these days for that information.

Local SEO is all about making sure Google knows who and where you are. How else can they direct searchers to you as the best business to solve their problem?

Website SEO is all about telling Google who you are and what you do via your website. There’s a definite science to how you present the visible and background information on your website.

Times have changed – and continue to change all the time. But right now, it’s more about what the user sees than what your web developer tells Google your site is all about behind the scenes. Google wants to make sure that when someone searches something, the content they see on the top web results matches the search – simple really…


We understand modern, content and local SEO intimately. We are blessed with a balanced knowledge of both Local SEO and Website SEO, which puts us at the forefront of our field. Check out how Lawford and Co ranks as a marketing consultant for proof!

SEO Local & Website, Punch Marketing, 2 Dowling Street, Dunedin, 9016, New Zealand, 03 454 3035

Lawford and Co founder James Higgs learnt SEO from the ground up working a variety of marketing roles before starting the company. Having been a long time supporter of local businesses he learnt Local SEO in the early days before it was as widely accepted as it is now. Because of this experience and knowledge, Lawford and Co has a unique, extremely forward thinking and market leading approach to improving SEO / rankings.

At Lawford and Co, we live, breathe and operate the most up to date SEO principles that have achieved excellent results for a huge range of industries. When it comes to local SEO, we’ve claimed over 400 Google My Business Pages alone across Australasia, and our ongoing relationship with Google means we are constantly updating and improving our knowledge.

Combining his learning and development experience with his marketing knowledge our founder has built an SEO Program like no other in the market. It’s unique structure covers all of the following in one very clever program:

  • It establishes your core SEO fundamentals
  • It manages, monitors and reports on your progress
  • It graduates you from one aspect of SEO to another each quarter
  • It aims to educate you about SEO along the way
  • It empowers you to take control of your SEO so you don’t need to keep paying people to do the basics for you

All of his can be done in one big hit, however, the benefit of this structure is dividing your investment into paletable educational – and labour investment requirements from you – and financial instalments. Talk to us about how this might work for you.

We don’t own all search terms, but we do rank pretty darn well if we do say so ourselves. Try Googling any of the following to see how we go…!

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Here is a small sample of clients we have helped improve their rankings to the front page of Google search results