19 Oct 2015
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Punch Newswire – We’ve Moved, We’re Adwords Certified & Have New Staff!!

Every now and again we think it prudent to update you on happenings both here at Punch HQ and System in the wider marketing game. So without further ado…


Our new address is Room 3, Level 3, No.2 Dowling Street. The jug is always on…


We are pleased to announce that we have passed our Adwords exams and are now Adwords Certified. If you have any questions about Adwords – whether image or text – please call Jacquie on 027 477 6072, Olivia on 027 2424725 or HQ on 03 454 3035


A  warm welcome to Olivia Stevenson our new Relationship Manager in Central Otago. We value our people and client relationships more than anything at Punch so we are very pleased to have Olivia on board, as she is genuine, honest, knowledgeable and has a great sense of humour.


 Google 360 Business View

As New Zealand’s first 360 Business View Trusted Agency this month we have been rebranded. Along with the rebrand come some minor changes to the way in which we negotiate the whole process behind the scenes…but the product remains the same. One new product Google has added is an App called Photosphere which allows us to upload lower resolution single panoramic shots from a mobile device. These shoots once uploaded to Google do not however appear on Google search or your Google My Business Page like the full ‘360’ does.

Uptake has been strong for 360 degree internal ‘street view’ photography. This Google product is a full panoramic walk through of your business – nothing short of a superb online asset for your business. If you’d like to know more about this please give Jacquie a call on 027 477 6072.

2 Major Changes to Google My Business…Again!

Change #1 – changes to the way local listings are viewed

Over the last couple of months google has altered the way local listings are viewed in search. Instead of show between 1 and 7 listings at the top of the first search results page, they now only show 1 – 3. Given that our 12month+ clients average a ranking of 2.16 this means it’s only a benefit given that there is less competition for you in this space!

The further good news is that they have also added a much clearer ‘VIEW MORE LISTINGS’ link through to maps as well. Once clicked on you’ll see that in Google Maps now the listings show more information about the business (all fed through from your local listing). Ranking here is also very much still based on the quality of your listings that we maintain to the highest standard for you.

Change #2 – changes to the backend data input dashboard


Once again Google has changed the way that we enter data into your Google My Business Page dashboard. This time around they have integrated a ‘bulk upload’ tool which is only really relevant to large franchise / multi location businesses. They have, however, added a couple of new fields relevant to you, so we have been through and updated these for you.

We’d love to update any images or text on your listings too, so if you have anything you could send through to us please forward to [email protected] and we’ll upload it for you. An updated listing is seen as current by Google and will cement – or even improve – your rankings.


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